League News

League Update

It was really good to see old and new faces at the first team Captains meeting of the up and coming season. During the meeting there were some changes made to the league due to team numbers and other factors:

  • Teams must have a minimum of 5 players now to play each match
  • Format of the league has changed so there will now be 5 singles, 2 doubles & 1 trebles, all best of 3 legs and 501 score.
  • A score draw is now possible (4 – 4) on the night which will earn teams 1 point each. This will make a closer and more exciting league finish.
  • In all league matches the away team will start matches 1, 3, 5 & 7 and the home team will start 2, 4, 6 & 8. There is no requirement for a bull up at the start of matches. Should there be a requirement for a third leg decider during any match then the team that threw first in that match will play first without the need to bull up.
  • Home team Captain is responsible for ensuring that the scorecard is posted and arrives on time to the League Secretary.
  • Both team Captains to confirm all details are on the card prior to signing at the end of the match, such as all 180 scores and high out shots, as this cannot be altered once posted.
  • Due to team numbers the A league will play each other home and away whilst the B league will play each other 3 times. Please see the league fixtures lists.
  • League Cup (Knockout) format has changed. Please see the website page for details. Also the draw was done live at the meeting and is also on the League Cup page.
  • The A & B leagues were decided upon to be as evenly balanced as possible in both leagues.