League News

Captains Meeting

In preparation for the hopeful return of league darts soon, we as the committee, have been busy making plans for the completion of this season and the smooth start of the league next season. To help in this matter we require all team Captains or a representative to attend a meeting in the Ex – Serviceman Club on 27th July 2020 at 1930 hours. We, the committee, take the safety of all members very seriously, and as such, to observe and comply with current guidance, all chairs will be spaced apart and sanitized in the hall, Sanitizer and face masks will be available for those wishing to use them. The format for the meeting will be to explain how we intend to complete this current season and to get an update on all venues and teams. As always, we as the committee, want to discuss our intentions and ideas with you as team Captains so as to get the best way forward for all League members prior to any final decisions being made. We look forward to meeting with you all again and ask that all teams make the effort to attend as we have some important decisions to make as a league.Please can you all respond on our FB page with your intentions to attend, thank you.

League Singles

This competition will be run as soon as we are able to commence with the league again.

League Cup Final

Congratulations to the Black Lion A & The Griffin for reaching the final of the League Cup. The final will take place on Friday 27th March 2020 at the Sports Bar.

Downloads Page

A new Downloads Page is available where fixture lists and score cards can be downloaded to your devices and printed.


The League has now setup a new Facebook page and you need to register to be allowed to join.