It is the responsibility of the Captain who cancels any match to inform the League Secretary (as per rule 16 ) ASAP. The contact details are in the handbooks that were given to all teams.

All fixtures will be updated when required. Team Captains to keep League secretary up to date of all fixtures that are rescheduled.





We as the committee have gone to great lengths to get sponsors for all our competitions and try to raise money for the good and benefit of the league, therefore, please can you as league members give us your very best support by attending as many of the competitions and cup matches that we have organised. Regardless of ability it is always nice to have a good support from all the teams and leagues to all our fixtures and it is a good way of meeting other players. Remember it is not about the winning but the taking part that counts. All our fixtures will be taking part in venues with Oswestry and as such gives everyone in the league the chance to attend local venues, so please come along as it would be great to meet you all.


There is now a bit more excitement in the league fixtures. Due to fewer teams this season we as the committee have decided that to achieve the maximum amount of games possible that there will be a slight twist to this season. Teams from the A & B Leagues will play a home and an away game against two different opponents from the opposite league. These will be classed as League games and as such the winning teams will have the points added to their League totals. So rather than having FREE weeks this will ensure that you get more games and of course give you the chance to boost your point tally. It also offers teams the chance to play different levels of opponents that they might otherwise never play due to league standings. All games have been listed in the fixture lists below and as such should be self explanatory, however, any problems then please call the League Secretary ASAP.

Teams with a Yellow line through them are games that are scheduled for a different date, due to venues having two teams but only one board. This is to ensure that both teams are not scheduled to play at home at the same time.


Due to the amount of cancelled games the League dates have had to be extended by 2 weeks to allow for cancelled games to be played. Rescheduled games will be appointed into spare slots by the League Secretary but can be played at any time as long as both team Captains are in agreement. If this does happen then the League Secretary MUST be informed ASAP.