League Cup

League Cup Format

  • All teams must have a minimum of 5 players. If a team cannot provide 5 players then the team Captain is to get in touch with the League Secretary ASAP.
  • The format will be 5 singles, 2 doubles and 1 triples matches. All games are Double to start and Double to finish.
  • Singles matches will be best of 3 legs, 501, double to start and finish.
  • Doubles matches will be 1 leg of 1001, double to start and finish.
  • Trebles match will be 1 leg of 1001, double to start and finish.
  • Away team are to throw first to begin the first game with teams starting first in alternate games. No requirement for bull up.
  • Matches must be played in full, with all 8 games being played to conclusion.
  • In the event of a 4-4 draw the tie breaker will be played. A team of 4 players will play 1 game, 1001, double to start to decide the winners. Team captains must do a draw to decide the order of play for this round i.e a captain chooses his 4 players and places them on a piece of paper or equivalent and then the other captain draws the names to decide the order of throw.
  • Home team are to mark the scores and away team to provide a checker.
  • All matches to begin no later than 8.15pm.
  • All results are to be recorded on the correct score card (League Cup). the Home team Captain is responsible for the posting of the result card to the League Secretary.


All rounds for the Knockout Cup will be drawn live as this will determine home and away teams. The only difference will be the semi-finals and finals as these will be played at a neutral venue.


The first round of the League Cup will be played on Friday 17th September 2021 as follows: