League Singles Competition

The League singles competition is a knockout/ladder event that incorporates all members of the Oswestry & District Darts League playing at various venues within the league. All players must be registered with the league and all venues must be home venues for the teams within the league.

Competition Rules:

  • All players are to be registered with the Oswestry & District Darts League.
  • All venues are to be registered home venues for teams registered to the Oswestry & District Darts League.
  • A live draw will take place to draw the venue and the selected amount of players to play at that venue therefore all venues and players are randomly selected.
  • A draw will then take place to determine the matches for each venue constructed in a ladder knockout type competition for each venue.
  • Prior to the competition a sealed envelope will be delivered to the venue with a selected players name on it, only that player can open the envelope as they will be the nominated person responsible for the completion of the paperwork. Inside the envelope will be the draw for the matches to be played.
  • Matches will consist of best of 3 legs, 501 as per normal league singles rules and the winner will progress through to the next match. first named player will throw first in all matches.
  • All matches will be straight knockout with the winner progressing to the next stage of the draw until a final is reached.
  • After round 1 the final 2 players from each venue will then be placed into another live draw for the second round. Live draws will randomly choose players and venues again for the next round. this will be the format until only two players are left and these two players will play the final on Finals Night.
  • Start times are as per the normal league rules, 2015 hours. Any player not present will be considered as a no show and the other player will receive a Bye.